Matching to our textile systems and LED lightboxes you get high-quality graphics. These are made using the dye sublimation process. The motif is applied to a transfer material and transferred to the textile using heat and pressure. The color particles bond with the fibers permanently. With this manufacturing process, there is no unpleasant smell and the color does not break when folded, which can happen, for example, with latex printing, which is only applied to the surface.

Depending on the application, we offer different materials:

  • Dekotex for easy use
  • Backlit for uniform and radiant backlighting
  • Blockout with black back, if no light should shine through and the structure should not be visible

Blockout material, white on both sides, is used to close systems from the rear. This cannot be printed.

Please note the bleed when creating the data and create your data without registration marks.


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